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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"On Dinosaur World"

Memorial Day is this weekend. We're busy adding staff to make sure everyone is well taken care of at Dinosaur World. I'll be working... that's how it is in the tourism industry, we work when most others have their holidays so you guys can all have a great time. So, wherever you go this weekend, try sending some kind words to those serving you - it will make you feel good too!

Let me leave you with a poem from one of our visitors...
“On Dinosaur World” – Norm Vitting – Glen Rock, NJ
There’s a place quite far from home
Where lifelike, scary dinosaurs roam.
Some just stand.
Some are in fights,
But convincing enough
To keep you up nights.

T-Rex and stegos,
Brontos galore,
Compys, Ankylos,
And Raptors and more!

They peek over trees,
Through shrubbery thin,
So real do they look,
You jump out of your skin!

Tho, I’m not quite a saint,
And not much of a sinner.
If these things were real
I’d surely be dinner!

You gasp and you pant,
You run out and then
You say, “that was fun,”
Let’s do it again!

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