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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinos on TV

I just left the local ABC TV affiliate for our Kentucky location (www.wbko.com). On their "AM Kentucky Live" show this morning, I discussed our upcoming event - Free dad's on Father's Day. I also took some authentic dinosaur eggs. You know, there were lots of expectant father's in prehistoric times too!

I took a Hadrosaur egg. Hadrosaurs are duck bill dinosaurs. They have teeth, but there are more like cheek teeth, which are better suited for plant eating. I also took a Therizinosaurus egg. These are very unique dinosaurs becuase they have huge front claws. Scientists believe these were used to dig for insects to eat.

We have lots of amazing fossils at Dinosaur World There two eggs are just examples of what can be found in our Prehistoric Museum.

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