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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things to remember

I'll be on vacation next week (yeah!) but our wonderful staff will be here to make your visit even more wonderful. We have a few special events coming up you'll want to remember...

FREE KIDS ON HALLOWEEN - Children ages 3 to 12 that come to Dinsoaur World in costume on Halloween day will receive FREE admission (and some candy) during regular business hours. For safety purposes, the children must be accompanied by an adult. We ask that you limit the children to four per adults.

GRANPARENT'S SUNDAYS - The first two Sundays in November are grandparent's Sundays. Children accompanied by their grandparents will receive FREE admission on these two days. (November 1st and November 8th). We ask that you limit the children to four per couple.

1 comment:

  1. attented today with 4 grandchildren and were in costume, drove over a 100 miles, was not happy, the dinosaur move didn't work and No Free treats(some free candy) ?did spend a large amount of cast in the gift shop , Very unpleased !!