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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Allosaurus Information

Poor Allosaurus! This perfectly respectable carnosaur is always overshadowed by T. rex. Even the meaning of its name, "other (or different) lizard," suggests that it is a rather second-rate dinosaur. In fact, the name refers to the distinct shape of the bones of its spine.

One of the largest North American meat-eaters, Allosaurus walked on its hind legs with its tail stretched out behind for balance. The powerful muscles and heavy bones of its legs made it possible for Allosaurus to move very fast. On each of its short arms, it had hands with three fingers, each with a sharp claw. Remains of Allosaurus have been found in North America and Australia, and some fossils from Africa and Asia may be those of Allosaurus. It is one of the most wide-spread of the meat-eaters.

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