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Monday, August 16, 2010

Calling All Teachers...

August means school starting - school starting means FIELD TRIPS!

Kentucky schools have already returned. We've already had some field trip bookings, but we'll be glad to take more. $5 per person for educational group. And, it's educational too! Here's one of our educational activities tying into core content and state curriculum...

Program of Studies: SC-P-UD-U-2 – Students will understand that plants and animals have features that help them live in different environments.
Program of Studies: SC-P-UD-S-4 – Students will analyze structures of plants and animals to make inferences about the types of environments for which they were suited.
Corresponding Activity
On the Dinosaur Walk, the students will see many different types of Dinosaurs. One of these dinosaurs is the Spinosaurus. An important feature of the Spinosaurus is the teeth. Scientists believed this dinosaur lived near water and used its spear like teeth to spear fish. Examples of the Spinosaurus tooth can also be found in the Prehistoric museum.
Another animal found on the Dinosaur Walk is the Ultrasaurus. This dinosaur was a plant eater. Unlike the Spinosaurus, this animal’s teeth were more suited for chewing and sawing plants instead of stabbing fish. Also notice the long neck, which would have been perfectly suited for eating the tops of trees. These examples will help the students understand certain features in animals help them adapt to their environment.

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