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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fossil Dig Review

What are some other fossils in our dig? Visit and take some home with you!

  • Turitella - This is a type of gastropod shell. The coiled shapes of the shell can be siin in teh polished rock.
  • Ammonite - This is a cephalopod which once swam in the shallow seas. It has a soft body and had tentacles like a squid. It has a chambered shell and resembles a snail.
  • Crinoid - They are flower like echinoderms which grew in colonies on the sea floor. Some were free swimming but most were fixed by a flexible stem. It resembles a screw.
  • Gastropods - The name means "stomach foot" and it had a head with eyes and a mouth including a flattened foot for crawling.
  • Shark Teeth - All teeth in our dig are shark teeth.
  • Sea Urchin - This is a spiny, hard shelled animal that lived on the sea floor.
  • Brachiopod - They are small marine invertebres with a shell that has two valves.

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