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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More details on new dinosaurs

Here's the word on the new dinosaurs at the Florida location...

Two juvenile and 3 baby Maiasaurus -This is significant because the Maiasaurus is called the "good mother" dinosaur. Fossils of this dinosaur have been found with eggs and baby dinosaurs making paleontologists think it was a more involved mother than most dinosaurs.

Two juvenile Torosaurus - This name means "pierced lizard". It had an enormous skull of about 8 feet long. It had a huge frill neck with a short snout horn and two eyebrow horns. It also had a toothless beak.

Two juvenile Iguanodon - Actually, just one is at the park now. The other is on exhibit at MOSI until December 31. These dinosaurs were plant eaters. The unique thing about Iguanodons was the long spike on each thumb.

Stay tuned for photos coming as soon as they get settled in the park.

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