Dinosaur World

Friday, August 7, 2009

August weekend

If you're trying to squeeze in a fun, family weekend before school starts - do it now! What can you see? (exhibits may very at each location)
  • Dinoaur Walk - over 150 life size dinosaurs in a natural setting
  • Boneyard - unearth a life size dinosaur skeleton
  • Prehistoric Museum - lots of fossils!
  • Movie Cave - watch an educational dinosaur movie in a unique setting
  • Mammoth Garden - mingle with our new mammoth herd
  • Carnivore Boardwalk - enter if you dare
  • Skeleton Garden - see our replica skeletons
  • Deinonychus Island - cross over into our raptor island
  • Giftshop - over 5,000 square feet of cool dinosaur stuff
  • Playground and picnic area and more!

1 comment:

  1. are you guys making plans to add more to the park? create some more realistic dinos? i was thinking of a good idea the other day, tell me what you think!
    Dinosaur World & college students majoring in sculpting to get together to raise the funding so dinosaur world can evolve (as well as the individuals)! Once there are students involved w/ the park the possibilities are endless with grants and whatnot. :)