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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey teachers!

Schools started in many places and will be starting soon for others. Why don't you start the year off right with a fall field trip to Dinosaur World? Rates are only $5 per person with advance reservations for schools. All field trips tie into core content state standards. Here's examples...
Program of Studies: SC-P-STM-S-1 – Students will use senses to observe and describe properties of material objects (color, size, shape, texture, flexibility, magnetism)
Corresponding Activity - One exhibit at Dinosaur World is the “touch and tell”. This is part of the Prehistoric Museum. At this exhibit, students use their sense of touch only to feel the shape of a small dinosaur. Then, using their sense of touch only, they must decide what dinosaur they just felt. The teacher can lead a discussion on the importance of the sense of touch. The point should also be made on how the senses compliment each other and how senses take over when one is absent. The teacher can ask the question, “Would a different guess have been made if another sense was used?”
Benchmark - SC.K.E.5.1: Explore the Law of Gravity by investigating how objects are pulled toward the ground unless something holds them up.
Corresponding Activity – In the Fossil Dig, point out how the sand falls thru the sifters. Explain that gravity is pulling the sand thru the sifters. Let the students put the sand in the fossil cup. Point out that unlike the sifter, which allows the sand to fall thru, the cup is holding the sand from falling.

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