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Friday, March 12, 2010

Eggs and fossils

Did you know that in addition to our over 150 life size dinosaurs, we have hundreds of very cool fossils too? These fossils can be found in our Prehistoric Museum and also in our giftshop. One of my favorites is our Hadrosaur eggs. Below is information Hadrosaurs.

A living Hadrosaurus could tower over a human being. Nearly as tall as a two-story building, the animal might weigh up to four tons. The hadrosaurs are called "duckbills" because of their strange, toothless bills, with which they chopped and ground their food. They were herbivores (plant-eaters), and it is believed they were good swimmers.

Duckbills lived and traveled in herds, and laid eggs (such as the ones we have on exhibit) in communal nesting areas, the most famous of which are those of Maiasaura, which formed huge nesting colonies, like those of modern penguins. Some paleontologists believe they protected the eggs until hatched and continued to nurture the young afterwards.

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